Quick & Easy Salad Cutter

& So Much More!

Combine All Your Ingredients! 
Wash, Chop, Slice, & Dice - All in One!
Create Amazing Salads Fast!
Safely slice chicken and vegetables for a delicious meal!
Add chicken or steak to your salad quickly and easily.
Slice melons, fruits, and so much more!
Chop Champ Includes a Built-In
 Herb Stripper!
Do you love fresh herbs on your salad?  Add them in a snap with the built-in herb stripper. Strip – Top – Chop and Serve.
Offer Details:  
Each Chop Champ 6-piece set includes family & individual size Chop Champs wth cutting board lids, built-in herb stripper, free lettuce knife, and free recipe guide for only $19.99 plus $6.99 P&H!